The Noisy 500 Racks with Switched Mode PSU

On this page, I will list the noisiest and worst 500 Racks… The influx of cheap, low quality 500 racks is a real problem for everybody. More and more manufacturers want to cash in on growing popularity of the 500 Standard. They are throwing the cheapest Switched Mode PSU hoping that no one will realize the scam! As a manufacturer of the 500 Modules, I’m tired of being blamed for the somebody else greediness… I get more and more emails reporting all sort of noise issues which are caused by the PSU in the cheap 500 rack. This is a list of the biggest offenders on the market with some noise samples which I have gathered from my customers. So don’t waste your money on cheap quality racks! In the long run, you are asking only for more trouble. Spent your money on the good quality product and save yourself the hassle and frustration! Please feel free to send more examples of cheap brands and the samples! Please use the Contact Page.

Midas L6 Six Space 500 Series Rack

Cost about 300 USD, produces the most bizarre oscillation which can get to the audio path via the supply rails. Creates the problems for the discrete based circuitry. Manufactured by the Behringer Group… China… The Noise sample – amplified:

      Midas L6 Six Noise Sample

The amplitude of oscillation is approx. -40dB. Sample recorded by the customer. The oscillation from SMPSU was picked up by the Soviet Pentode Colour Modules, equipped with the on-board voltage regulator which was not enough to filter out the oscillation… Possibly the faulty 500 rack unit… 😉 😉

Bento 6S Noise Sample

Another example of Stay-Away product. Noise and tone from Bento 6S PSU captured by my customer. Thank you Lucas! 🙂 Switching to a good quality 500 rack did solve the problem immediately. The Noise sample – amplified:

      Bento Noise Sample

All preamps will suffer from the switcher tone and PSU noise of the Bento 6. The unit which I have in the lab produce all sort of noise and tones depending on load. Preamps which apply the gain to the signal will suffer the most from the Signal-to-Noise ratio deterioration. Not recommended for any serious studio use!

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